Hey, my name is Lesther. I like to program stuff in games. I’m a Software Engineer by day doing game development as a hobby during nearly all my free nights and weekends. I’ve been doing both for 4+ years. I’ve been programming for 9+ or years now, professionally for 5. I got into game dev because frankly it’s just really fun. I have fun playing games and making games, even if the latter comes with struggle, frustration, stress… actually so does the former depending on the game. In either case I love it all and want to continue being part of the chaos that leads to the creation of something incredible.

A brief history

I grew up playing games, never thought about making them until 2011 when in a group project for a CS course, I wrote some code for a 2d zombie game written in C++ that shot a zombies brains out. I mean that was just cool. A couple years later I was exposed some Construct 2 and motivated and encouraged (through the chance at winning free stuff) to not sleep much for 72 or so hours to make a bunch of games. My interest was really sparked by then. Only after finishing school did I find the time to really dive deep into the world of game development and learn, play, break things, fix them, break them again (lovely cycle)… I played around with LibGDX attempting a snake and pong clone, you know the hello world of game dev it seems. I wanted to be able to visualize my UI changes a little easier, so I turned to Unity. So came the tutorial montage when I spent a lot of time watching videos and reading articles, (still do it occasionally but less so.. Can’t help it, things I don’t know make me want to know them). Now that my interest has grown into a passion, I look to work with others who also like to make things so that we may enjoy making things together for others to enjoy. Isn’t that a fun bit of words.