After graduating with a degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering with a minor in Mathematics, I went on to work professionally as a Software Engineer for 6+ years. Through that experience I learned such topics such as:

software architecting feature design system design UML documentation requirements defining Jira task tracking project management interdisciplinary collaboration agile methodology scrum test driven development unit testing automated testing version control SVN Git programming languages C++ C Python C# hardware constraints risk analysis and assessment memory management debugging coding standards

During that time, I began independently studying game development part time working with Unity and C#, getting involved with my local community where I’ve had the opportunity to speak in workshops and as a panelist during the annual game festival.

I also co-founded Possum House Games, an independent game studio, where I continue to develop games and my skills as a game developer. Working in small teams has led to wearing many hats, providing me the chance to learn and explore the following topics:

Game Engines Unity Construct 3 Unreal Godot Pico 8 GB Studio Third Party Platforms Steam UI development remote collaboration game design level design system design story telling game production scheduling marketing PR game AI state machines cutscenes dialogue platformers first person experiences procedural generation C# development tools Blender Aseprite Gimp Sprytile

Though I’ve learned a lot so far there are still many more topics I want to and continue to explore:

console development Nintendo Switch development XR development Magic Leap hand tracking procedural generation hierarchical state machines third person game play narrative writing pixel art post processing 3D environments

Feel free to reach out! Resumes are available upon request.